Friday, October 5, 2007

Under the Mango Tree

Day 8
Weight: 215 lbs.
Food Intake: 2 avocados with sea salt, 1 mango, 2 small cups of mango juice.

I slept more soundly last night than I have in a week. I couldn't stand the thought of eating an avocado for breakfast and I was getting tired of drinking water, so I headed upstream into the river valley to see if I could find anything better. Not too far from the raft I found a mango tree in a meadow. Squeezing the fruit, I drank my fill.

It starting raining again and it was coming down pretty heavily. I knew I needed to build a shelter from the rain. The raft would provide good cover, but I'd need tools. Near the edge of the broad river valley was a rock outcropping that was crumbling. I searched through the rock pieces until I found a good flat rock with a sharp edge. Lashing this to a heavy piece of wood should give me a primitive axe. I climbed part way up a hill and looked into the distance. I saw mountains far away. This was not a small island.

Scouting around the raft, I found a high level spot that looked like it was far enough away from the river to stay dry in a deluge. I spent most of the morning cutting and gathering materials for my shelter. For lunch, I had my usual avocado with sea salt but this time I ate a mango for dessert. It was rather pulpy, but very refreshing. The avocado tasted great. Perhaps I'm developing a taste for them. I'm feeling the strength slowly come back into me, although I do tend to get heartburn after eating.

I dragged the raft to the high spot as darkness fell and the rain began to taper off. My dinner consisted of another avocado with some mango juice. I sure am glad I found that mango tree. I climbed aboard the raft and drifted off to sleep.


peggy at the lake said...

Wow--sounds like you enjoyed your
new "finds" on the beautiful island, and mango's are just simply
delicious, and oh so good for you!
I would love to hear more descriptions of the island you have found, any signs of people yet?? Oh--I'm getting ahead of the
story!! I am truly looking forward
to the next blog, & see if you find
any coconuts soon----Wow, I love
that coconut milk, and fresh coconut as well--now, I'm getting
hungry already!! Keep up the grand
journalism---& someday you can publish your very own Book, & it could become a "best seller", like
Tom Clancy's or Danielle Steel's!!
Take care--sleep well!!

Unknown said...

geez gary....this is by far the most interesting blog i have ever read! i agree with your mom, you should crank out a novel with all of those thoughts. i hope you and maxine are doing well in the sunny state. i miss you guys. i miss seeing the HOUSERS on the street. :) take care.