Sunday, October 21, 2007


Day 24

I've lost and kept off about 15 pounds. My blood pressure has come down to a normal 120/80. I feel healthier. I've learned to enjoy buying fresh fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and preparing meals. I look forward to it each day. Studying the particulars of the most effective parts of this diet, it seems to compare most directly to what is know as a "Vegan" diet. I studied fasting and found that it is an effective way to detoxify your body and is considered a healthy activity at 5-7 days, and should be done from time to time. An unexpected benefit of this diet experiment is that I have developed a keen interest in cooking from scratch, whether it is making bread or preparing my own dishes by varying the ingredients of other recipes that I've found.

For the selection of foods throughout this diet, I rolled dice and compared the results to a table of possible foods I might find. I started with nothing but water, then added tropical fruits, grains, and vegetables. Each of the items I could find was on a percentile table. If I rolled a low enough number to have found it, I added it to the diet.

The events of the blog were loosely based on events going on in my real life. Part of the reason for going on the diet was to prepare for a reunion of people who worked at Apple Computer, Inc. over 20 years ago. (I worked at Apple from 1983-1993.) I had not seen many of these people for 20 years and wanted to lose some weight before they saw me. The "Festival" at the end of the narrative was based on the Apple Reunion held at the Lake Lanier Island Resort near Atlanta, GA.

This will be my last entry in the maroonediet blog, but I intend to continue cooking our meals from fresh and healthy ingredients, working out at the fitness center, and fasting about once every 6 months. I think that this will not only allow me to live a healthier life as I move toward old age, but is just another way to enjoy the little things that pass by unnoticed every day.

Thanks to all of you who have read and commented on this blog or to me in person. It helped me adopt the attitude necessary to make the diet a success.

For those of you who want to follow my adventures in cooking, I'm starting a new blog where I intend to keep notes on things I cook. Mainly so if I ever cook anything good, I'll be able to figure out how I did it, so I can do it again.

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peggy at the lake said...

Well, what an interesting "conclusion"-- although I loved your "Marooned" blog so much, I hate to see that come to an end, but do understand that the "cooking blog" will be a brand new experience, and well worth reading as well! Big thanks for the adventure on the island--was great fun!!