Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Single Footprint

Day 14
Weight: 219.5 lbs.
Food Intake:
  • Breakfast:
    • small cup of mango juice
  • Lunch:
    • thin slice of barley bread
    • 2 tbsp. mashed avocado
    • 2 cups corn and okra soup
    • pineapple (5 chunks)
    • small cup of banana juice
  • Dinner:
    • glass of pineapple juice
    • stewed squash
    • cooked okra

Didn't sleep much last night after finding that footprint. I went back toward the old farm ruins while gathering firewood and examined the fields more closely. I found okra growing in rows beneath weeds. I also found part of the barley field was planted with sorghum. I gathered some okra and sorghum kernels and stayed in camp most of the day.

Mango juice was enough for breakfast, but I made some soup from the corn and okra for lunch and had a slice of the barley bread and avocado to go with it. That barley loaf has lasted me almost a week. I worked carefully on my brick oven project for most of the day, keeping a sharp eye out for any movement on the edges of the field near camp.

For dinner, I cooked okra and squash and washed it down with a generous quantity of pineapple juice. I wondered about the owner of that footprint. Would they return? Would they bring others? Although I've regained my strength, I'm afraid I'd be no match for an army of angry natives.

Once again into the hammock I tried to sleep, but sleep did not come easily. The island was just as peaceful tonight as last night. What had changed? Just a single footprint and a fear I had allowed to grow inside me.

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Unknown said...

.... have you been abducted, kidnapped, killed!? Start the search!