Tuesday, October 2, 2007

No Land, just Heavy Rain

Day 5
Weight: 220 lbs.
Food Intake: nothing but water
Blood Pressure: 142/98 at pulse 88

I had difficulty sleeping last night. I woke up about every two hours. At 3:00am I finally fell asleep and slept soundly without snoring. I had the most wonderful dream. I dreamed I was at the Smokemont camp ground in the Smoky Mountains National Park in western North Carolina. My great-aunt Ruby had cooked a huge meal and was inviting everyone to eat. I ate heartily. When I woke up from the dream, I really felt like I had eaten. Very satisfying dream that was.

Today was the heaviest rain yet. The sky has been dark all day, almost like twilight. Lightning and thunder are frequent. I tried rowing toward what I thought was east for an hour and 20 minutes. The waves are high. I'm still feeling okay, but I expect I should be weakening soon if I don't find land and food.


Unknown said...

5 days and still no food!? I hope you find land soon. Have you tried fishing? The ocean is abundant with a variety of delicious treats. Try using a thread from your shirt/jeans with a piece of metal (from a zipper or belt buckle, perhaps). You could get chunks of that algee you mentioned before and mash it together to make a bait? I dunno... but if you don't eat soon, you're going to chew off your arm!

Unknown said...

wow, that is hypertension right there gary...you need to eat :)